Frequently Asked Questions

Nope. All pages for prints are selected randomly and may vary in size depending on what books I'm working from at the moment. I do try to avoid printing pages with key words that might be offensive or triggering.

Absofreakinglutely! I try to keep a decent variety in my cutting stack, but if you'd like something specific I'd be happy to get it for a small upcharge (usually not the whole price of the book, since I'll use it for other projects) or if you'd like to get your own copy to send to me in whole or part that would work as well. During busy season custom orders may take an extra few days to complete, so please allow for that.

No. Shipping framed prints and all the headaches that come with it is not something I will ever do. If you are local to me and would like to arrange pick-up or delivery, then I'm happy to discuss framing options.

I ship all orders via USPS, first-class. All prints are packaged with a chipboard sheet inside a cellophane sleeve to protect from bending during shipment. If you order prints AND ornaments, they will sometimes ship in separate packages as it is nearly impossible to find boxes to fit both items without being way oversized.

Custom orders... love 'em. As long as what you want isn't racist, sexist or otherwise offensive, I'd be happy to help you out. (I'm cool with profanity though. I curse like a pirate.)

As of now my wares can be found at Boutique 208 in Pittsburgh, PA; Staghorn Garden Cafe in Pittsburgh, PA; Salty Not Sweet in Cleveland, OH; Wholly Craft in Columbus, OH; and Revised in Prescott, AZ. I also do many, many shows throughout the Western PA and Eastern-Mid Ohio area during the year and they'll be posted in the Events section as well as promoted on my FB and IG pages. I love meeting customers in person so stop on by! (Just you know... don't be creepy or try to kidnap me.)