I’ve always been what my grandma calls “artsy-fartsy”. I’ve dabbled in everything from illustration, to painting portraits, to photography, to sewing, to knitting (which I’m absolute bullocks at). I even attended Savannah College of Art and Design… for a whole year before getting my behind thrown out. Seems they want you to do other things besides party. Like show up for class. Weird.

Fast forward to a marriage and two kids. And a house. And giant dog beasts. I hadn’t done anything art related or even remotely creative in what seemed like forever. The husband (now ex) and I were going through what we’ll call a “rough patch” and I needed something to remind me of, well, me. So I busted out some paper and glue and set to making my first porcupine ball. It looked kind of wonky, but it felt awesome to make something again. A few more tries and I had it figured out. So I opened up this lovely little shop because a gal can only have so many ornaments hanging about.

Fast forward again, and now I’m running this ship with the help of my amazing supportive husband, Eddie, and this is my full-time gig. Never did I think my little paper experiments would turn out to be an actual business that supports me and my two kiddos, but that’s exactly how it’s turned out. It’s maddening and stressful at times, but overall I feel extremely lucky to do what I love for a living.

Ashley Aranda

Hi there! I'm Ashley and I run this here place. I live and make in Rockville Centre, NY with my little family. I'm nerdy, awkward, colourful and always fun, all things I hope come across in my creations.

Eddie Aranda
Assistant/Guy Who Married Me

Eddie is my most excellent dude and also steps in as assistant when things get busy. He's also been known to lift heavy things and get objects from high shelves. He's the designer of some of the fonts I use and runs Jerkface Design Studio.