No Sleep Til….Somewhere in NY.

Hi there!

So, it’s been a minute because….well, I’m not a big fan of writing blogs. I assume I update all my social media enough for those interested to keep tabs on me. But, in case you’re NOT following me on IG or FB, (which you should because I’m an absolute delight), I and my little family relocated to Long Island about a month and half ago. So, if you’ve wondered why you haven’t seen me stomping all over western PA and eastern OH this summer, that’s why. I’m not there any more.

It’s been an adjustment, business-wise. While I’m still making the drive back to OH for my beloved Night Market Cleveland each month, I’ve been basically starting all over out here. Lots of researching and applying for totally new-to-me-shows, meeting new maker folks, and rebuilding booths and displays for larger shows. And of course, I’m in holiday show prep time- ornaments are happening daily and new packaging is hopefully getting made soon. I’m excited to enter the busy season with a slicker, more professional look this year. I mean, gob knows I won’t look any more professional, so my work may as well make up for that.

Personally, it’s been pretty great being closer to family and friends out here. Eddie’s schedule is hectic during the week, but we’ve been taking advantage of the weekends to get out and explore areas of NYC that we haven’t been to before (and eating our way through them). Our oldest, Finn, has been having a blast coming to street fairs and more “grown up” restaurants with us. Both kids have been enjoying all the parks and beaches, and are looking forward to starting their new school in a few weeks.

I think that’s about it for now. So, TL;DR- We moved and are eating a lot of things. And I’ll keep y’all posted with upcoming events.

Stay crafty,


2 thoughts on “No Sleep Til….Somewhere in NY.

  1. Laurie Cerci says:

    I see you will be at the David L. Lawrence convention center in December 2nd. I was wondering if you do book folding art….the pages are folded and form a design in between the covers if the Book?

    • Ashley says:

      Hi Laurie! I do not do book folding. My good friend Marcy at Recycled Reads does beautiful book folding art though, and I’d highly recommend her work.

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